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Defog your Windows at up to 70% less then replacement cost

At Window Medics, we ensure that you see out your window. We undertake effective defogging procedures that aim towards restoring glass clarity without replacing the window. Our foggy window repair service is designed to enhance your windows’ lifespan by up to 20 years.



Commercial Solution
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Window Medics offers specialized defog services for removing fog ...
Window Condensation
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Condensation or Moisture in Your Windows?
Foggy Window Truth
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The TRUTH About Window Failure No window is ever hermetically sealed.
Residential Solution
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Window Medics offers hassle-free and cost-effective solutions for ...

Harms Caused by fogged windows
After extensive research, Window Medics came to the conclusion that a foggy window effects the energy efficiency of a window. We recommend that as soon you see signs of moisture in your windows to call us immediately to avert the risk of the minerals in the water to stain the glass. Once the glass has been stained with white streaks we have to replace the glass unit.

Owners of the Technology
One of the major reasons why Window Medics supersedes any other defogging company in the marketplace is that we are the original inventor of the process and use technologically advanced defogging tools. Our window defogging services helps improve insulation while saving money from having to replace the window.

Large Customer Base
Our defogging services extend to both commercial and residential. We have restored over a million windows across Canada and the U.S. Our team of efficient technicians can handle any job size.
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